New Year, New Plates: Carrara Dinnerware Hits Our Warehouse!

We’re pleased to present CARRARA, a collection of marbleized dinnerware with Old World inspiration. Modeled after the stone quarries in Tuscany, this historic design denotes classic Italian opulence.

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Julabo & LMT Seal the New Year with a Partnership

We’re pretty certain that the commercial kitchen of 2018 will be about quality, not quantity.

With this in mind, we’ve made it a priority to partner with factories that focus on efficiency, quality control, and superior production. Julabo—the newest small equipment partner of Little M Tucker—is one of those companies.

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The Colorful Flatware You’ve Been Coveting is Now AFFORDABLE

We’ve noticed your ‘need for sheen’—and we totally get it.  Who doesn’t love copper, gold, and black flatware? But if you love it so much that you’re purchasing 5-piece sets from Crate & Barrel for your restaurant space, it’s time to call in reinforcements.

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Now Stocking Ting and Oslo: Minimalist Design & Innovative Function from Figgjo

Mark our words: 2018 will be the year of simplicity. We’ve seen it creeping up all 2017-long, and we must say, we’re thrilled. The reason? Come November, we’ll be stocking two new Figgjo collections—Ting and Oslo—that celebrate minimalist and modern Scandinavian design.

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LMT Partners With Martin Kastner, The Most Influential Dinnerware Designer in Modern American History

Photography: Hugo Juarez for Steelite International.

At Little M Tucker, we live for great plates. Just like classic art, the first reveal of any plating technique rarely tells the whole story. You have to look deeper and ask, how was this created?

Take Martin Kastner, an artist who started a plating evolution, as one fine example. A blacksmith by trade, Kastner founded his design company in 1998 and tailored it to the needs of chefs.

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Back to Black: Bar Noir

Matte black is the new…black. Enter Bar Noir: our exclusive collection of powder-coated, matte black, super bold barware. It’s sexy, it’s in stock, and it’s about to take your table and bar game to the next level.

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Talk to the Haand…About Some Beautiful New Dinnerware

Individually handspun, artisan-glazed pottery. We all want it.

Our customers crave unique, chef-centric porcelain—and so do we. That’s why we’re beyond excited to announce our partnership with Haand Hospitality. Read more

In With the Old – Arc Cardinal’s Patina Flatware Now in Stock!

We’ve written about vintage tablewares and why we love everything about this trend. What’s old is new, yada, yada, yada.

Attempts have been made to perfect antique finishes (or should we say im-perfect?), but we should have figured that reliable Arc Cardinal would release the most rustic and affordable texture. It’s called Patina and the soft, grey, lustrous appearance refers to the finish developed from a highly distressed tumbled process.

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How to Make the Most of Your Wooden Food Service Products

              We sat down with Kieran Fahey, CEO and Founder of Culinary Wood Designs, to talk about the best applications for wooden products in a hospitality setting. What we learned might surprise you!

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