“Just not that decorated Steelite stuff…”

A few weeks ago, in our final tabletop selection meeting for one of the most high-profile openings of the fall, a well known industry entrepreneur made this statement.  He wasn’t so far out of line…it seems everywhere you go these days, you will find colored Steelite china from the Terramesa or Craft collections. Read more

The eye must travel

Michael Kors quotes fashion columnist Diana Vreeland in a recent interview by Philip Galanes of the New York Times. Kors continues, “You have to see something different, even if it’s just finding a new way to walk home.”

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“If there is no quality today, there will be no market tomorrow.”

My recent journey to Shenzhen, China took two long hours. (I’m not going to include the 16 hour trip to get to Hong Kong first, because that flight left me exactly where I started: NYC, the Far East version.)

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“Invite someone to be raw with you.”

Invite someone to be raw with you…this is what we learned at the first ever Welcome Conference @welcom3_nyc.

Of all the events we get the privilege of attending, this one took the concrete! (Where there are Union Square Hospitality Group legends, there is Shake Shack.) For one day in Cooper Square, Will Guidara and Anthony Rudolph brought together Front of House elite and took the time to introduce the intimately selected audience to some of their favorite industry veterans from all over the world.

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“Complaining well is time consuming and almost like giving out free advice”

I often find myself listening to unsatisfied guests complain. My eavesdropping comes from a heightened awareness that will never disappear. Once you have managed a restaurant, there’s no turning back.

With my demanding schedule, large network, and sheer appreciation for our industry, I find myself eating out more than most. I have the pleasure of dining in some of the greatest restaurants in the world, and thoroughly enjoy watching people feast. I take in their whole experience: the food, the ambiance, the service, the compliments, and the complaints.

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