American Metalcraft’s New Products Help Your Tabletop Stand Out


The Little M Tucker team recently took a trip to Anaheim for the bi-annual NAFEM convention—a 3-day conference featuring foodservice equipment and supplies from 500+ manufacturers. While we were there, we were introduced to American Metalcraft’s 2015 collection.

American Metalcraft has long been our go-to for unique pieces at the table, buffet, and bar, so it is no surprise that their new pieces are getting a lot of attention. The following products are innovative, edgy, and eye-catching.

The Translucence Collection

stain resistant American Metalcraft translucence platter at NAFEM

These rich, white-marbled pieces are beautiful accents to any tabletop. Everything is food-safe, stain-resistant, and durable. We are loving the artistry behind this hand-crafted collection, which is made of resin and offers an enamel-like finish.

Melamine Platters

American Metalcraft Melamine collection at NAFEM

If you love the look of Steelite’s craft but are concerned about breakage, the White Melamine Antique line from American Metalcraft is a perfect solution. With textured surfaces, soft edges, and spotted accents, these platters offer both durability and elegance.

Poplar Wood Boxes

American Metalcraft plant boxes at NAFEM

These gorgeous boxes are picture-perfect for a farm-to-table look. They can be used for bread or pastry presentation, as plant boxes, or for any dry goods storage, and they have handles for easy transportation.

Apothecary Jars

American Metalcraft apothecary jars at NAFEM

These charming glass jars are perfect for presentation, display, or storage. They come in miniature sizes—from 2 to 5 ounces—as well as larger ounce capacities.

Vidacasa iThermo Hot & Cold Cells

American Metalcraft hot cells and cold cells at NAFEM

Welcome to the first temperature-controlled buffetware that doesn’t need electricity, cords, gels, fire, or ice to operate. For hot service, unique thermal engines transform electricity to heat. For cold service, the same cold cells NASA uses to keep astronauts at a constant temperature during space walks are used to do the same for foodservice. Both hot and cold cells last for hours and are rechargeable via wall plug-in.

These are just a few of the over 150 new items American Metalcraft has added to their collection this year. Below are some of those additional items we saw at NAFAM. You can also click here for the full American Metalcraft catalog page.

Want a sample? Have a question? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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